Client: Neon Interactive
Objective: Design a logo for Equality Vines (originally for Equality Wines), as part of a move to update their identity.
Equality Vines "presents a limited release collection of high quality wines to benefit the Human Rights Campaign and the nonprofit organization One Glass for Equality" ( I was asked to create a design that felt fresh, modern, and would broaden appeal to a younger, more hip audience. At the same time as we wanted it to cast a wide net around an audience, we also wanted it to feel premium, as these special bottles will cost you a pretty penny!

Here is what my process for this logo design looked like:

Step 1: Learn about the company and the causes that their business supports. At this point, I started thinking about how I could touch on the big themes that were central to the brand's core values. I wrote down key ideas around which I wanted to spin my brainstorming web: equality, coming together, support, and, of course, wine!

Step 2: Do some market research by sleuthing in the giant wine aisle of my local grocery chain. There, I took photos of labels that I found inspiring or interesting.

Step 3: Sketches! Sketches in photoshop, sketches on paper, sketches everywhere.  I followed the ideas I gathered around step 1 and explored their offshoots. Some common themes and symbolism that kept recurring for me were those related to equality. After bouncing around several directions in my sketches,  I wanted to share the best ones with the client to get their feedback.

Step 4: Share rough ideas with the client, who then helps steer us into a narrow tunnel, as we begin to hone in on the design. The client was able to share a selection of more polished designs with a group of potential customers, who helped in our selection process.

Step 5: A couple of drafts and revisions later, we've got our new logo!

The two images at the start serve as mock-ups of how the logo could be incorporated in a creative way onto a batch's label. In this scenario, the label could be black, with the logo's text being illuminated largely when near a light source. When away from direct light, the metallic and highly reflective material of rainbow-colored rectangles decorating the characters would continue to stand out against the more subtle embossed black print of the logo.
iBelow is a screenshot of the logo being used on the website, which you can find here:
(note that the horizontal treatment was rendered by third party down the line.)

You can see how the logo currently plays with the website at
(note that the horizontal treatment was rendered by third party down the line.)

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