Design a logo and business cards for a law firm. 
Translate the logo into ready-to-use web assets, such as social media banners, website collateral, etc.
Select fonts for website.

In addition, the client had a specific color palette already in mind, which they were already utilizing on the website. Working closely with the client allowed me to really understand the variety of cases the firm takes on, as well as the quality of individualized attention that they're able to offer to their clientele. It became clear that this wasn't the typical law firm that holds their customers at arm's length. Learning about their commitment to work with people from all walks of life, and to help those that don't have the highest of resources, naturally led our design to be expressed through a simpler font choice and layout.

The client felt strongly about sticking to a specific color palette, which was already being utilized on the website, so I wanted to make sure that these colors were pleasantly represented on the business cards as well. These were printed through Jukebox on 16 PT paper stock, with a silk matte laminate, giving them a very soft-to-the-touch feel that, I hear, leaves an impression!

A mock-up of a holiday card, the front of which was used for an e-card.

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