Hello! Please allow to introduce myself:
I am a motion designer based in Austin, TX looking to remotely join a creative team in tech on either a project or full-time basis.

Favorite part of my profession is: the people. Helping people achieve their goals is what keeps me going, even if it doesn't involve motion or design!

Icons created for an animated project

My 2nd favorite aspect is: learning from others. About their area of expertise, their perspective on the world and what their days look like.

My ideal collaboration would involve: a team that's learning and having fun together. I value constructive feedback, often prefer fast timelines, and receive fulfillment from supporting others.
Why am I so eager for an opportunity to work with Google?
I am looking to utilize my skills in a different way than usual and immerse myself in new challenges.

What would a Google team get out of working with me?
Hard worker who's invested in her team's objectives and who might be able to make you laugh!

Two of my recently-favorite projects...
...give a good sense of the type of work I've been doing directly with clients.
SmartyPants' Internal Brand Video

Services: design, animation, sound

Why I loved this project: Flexed my creative muscles and expanded on the brand's existing art.
Context: for an internal presentation by CEOs to corporate interests.
- Time (7 days!!!)
- Client wanted my fresh eyes on the creative direction
- Marrying human touch with technology with art direction
Outcome: Delivered on time and exceeded client's original expectations and hopes.
Teaser to Recreation.gov's redesign

Services: design, animation, sound

Why I loved this project: same reasons as above* plus re-envisioning the tool's UI in a simplified form.
- Relatively short turn-around with the tool still in development and levels of approvals.
- Making the video fun for a family while also giving a comprehensive overview of the tool.
Outcome: Delivered on time and exceeded client's original expectations (yes, again!).
Additional aspects from my freelancing experience:

✓  Optimize and iterate on process and automation.
I often take the time to plan for a system where implementing future changes has a responsive quality. For me, this usually takes the form of creating non-destructive set-ups in After Effects by linking properties with expressions or strategizing around a particular file management structure.

✓ Work closely with internal brand teams to develop solutions that adhere to established standards.

...And so much more. But you're probably tired of reading, so let's set up a meeting instead to properly say hello! :)

Thank you for your time!
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