Working at Arts+Labor afforded me the opportunity to run lead graphics on the feature documentary The Jones Family Will Make a Way. This beautiful film, which premiered during 2015 SXSW and played on Netflix, required motion graphics that wove various artifacts from the family's history into the story, as well as supplemented it with guiding visuals such as maps, titles, and lower thirds.
Additionally, a big portion of the work called for vfx and compositing - such as cleaning up of shots in post. A team of A+L artists was immensely helpful in accomplishing this task quickly and with quality.
Whenever you're working on such a big project as a movie, it can easily become daunting. There are a lot of avenues that need to be exhausted before you reach a decision with which everyone involved is happy. During production, as things change, you have to change with them and accommodate, which becomes a good learning experience in best workflow practices for production. Ultimately, you get to explore and consider many different angles in the process, which can be a fun, immersive dive into a project. And one of the best parts of this is having incredible talented team members to do it with.
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