While at Arts+Labor, I had the opportunity to create the motion graphics that served as backdrop to the 34th annual Austin Music Awards, an hours-long celebratory event, attended by a huge SXSW festival crowd and general public. 
The parts of the show package for which I was responsible were:
The show opener, which was also used as a promotional video online ahead of the event.
20+ loops, including individualized, theme-adhering winner plates

Diving into this project, the most important element - the theme - was already fleshed out in the poster designed by the the wonderful folks over at studio Eye Like Design. You can check their post on it here: https://eyelikedesign.com/work/austin-music-awards/ I was able to use it as inspiration and bring it to life! 

Luckily, the gorgeous poster provided a rich collection of elements around which a solid animation concept developed organically. Before I even knew it, my explorations in After Effects began to breathe life and motion into the poster itself, just as I had hoped! 

The challenge was to complete ALL of the show graphics in a limited amount of time, but also infuse the clips with the excitement that came with this huge night of honoring local musicians!
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