An elevated set of motion assets to fit the growing production needs of the Youtube channel.
Working with an existing logo and color palette, original music, and footage, we developed this graphics package that better served the brand's current and future growth.
Role: design, animation
Producer & Creative Direction: StumbleWell
Delivered: Channel Intro, branded backgrounds, end screens, and an AEP project optimized for hand-off and future production iterations.
Core Objectives: 
✔ Elevate the previous intro aesthetically; utilize a style that feels clean and simple;
✔ Utilize features in After Effects and Premiere to simplify compositing workflow.
✔ Use design and animation choices to match the vibe to BIF’s brand personality.
✔ New intro needs to signal a high production value of channel.
✔ Assets need to help save time on production.
✔ Differentiate from other family-oriented channels.
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