T: 512 963 6868

E: ana(at)staije(dot)com

I'm a digital artist specializing in graphic and motion design. Based in Austin, TX, I am also available to work remotely.

These days I focus my time on working directly with businesses that are looking to utilize purposeful design for effective marketing and brand presence. I believe that you can connect with your target audience in a more powerful and genuine way by engaging your brand's personality. My job as a designer is to help you achieve that goal by tailoring your strategy and visual aesthetics.

My Background: 

After graduating from the University of Texas at Austin, I joined an Austin production company (Arts+Labor) where I continued to develop my skills as a motion graphics designer alongside talented artists, directors, and filmmakers. There, I enjoyed working on a variety of commercials and films. Hoping to take those valuable experiences into the future and explore new opportunities, I took the plunge and went solo in late 2016. 

For inquiries, you can use the form below or send an email to: ana(at)staije(dot)com

If you're looking for something specific but you don't see it represented in my portfolio, go ahead and reach out, because there might be relevant work samples from past projects that aren't currently featured here. And let's make something great!
Thank you!
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